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Thai hospitality industry measures to stimulate tourism

Date: 2016-11-18

On November 17, Thai hospitality industry association (THA) in the north part of wax industry, said the association is preparing to consult with the tourism and sports minister fruit sweet to promote domestic tourism market by the end of this year, a preliminary estimate will negotiate the results submitted to the cabinet, to introduced to promote tourism and economic measures, such as individual in shopping consumption, in the domestic tourism and dining in a restaurant in the consumption, etc, but by invoice evidence favorable measures for tax breaks.Wax industry, said on November domestic tourism into the busy season, should make hay while the sun shines out stimulus measures to boost domestic tourism market, hotel industry should also be synchronized to take positive action.Chiang mai, the hospitality industry is still fierce competition, the newly built hotel appear constantly, more than 20% growth rate, lead to each class of hotel should improve price competition.Earlier period, Chinese tourists in reduce 30-40%, now, we need to work quickly to stimulus, let Thai domestic travel market as soon as possible to restore prosperity, cool season every year, after all, in a large number of people are willing to travel to northern Thailand, feel the cool weather in mountain area of various natural protection.