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American hotel: basic no free Wifi

Date: 2016-12-28

In the United States, less and less will be placed in the room the hotel of the bible;In contrast to the drop in the bible is that more and more wi-fi.You don't laugh, although the hotel with free wi-fi in most young men looked for granted, but the truth may not be so.Even some luxurious five-star hotel, will also need extra pay a sum of money to get to the Internet, you notice that it is in the case of has been equipped with wi-fi.Status of the discussion now, the more backward step: no matter close not to collect fees, all the Hotel equipped with wi-fi, then according to the American Association of Hotel accommodation (American Hotel and Lodging Association) as well as the hospitality industry research firm STR survey of 8000 hotels, the figure is 98%.Ten years ago is 82%.